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Airwave Technologies is a Malawian based Computing and Techology company founded by Chisomo Daka in February, 2017. Our vision is to be the technology partner of choice for progressive customers by collaboratively transforming technology into business advantage. In line with the stated vision, we believe that collaborative and multidisciplinary efforts are of greater significance in providing tangible technological solutions in many sectors of development. We embalk on providing durable and sustainable soultions to our prospective customers, stakeholders and partners as such our mission is to develop the best technologies that greatly improve the life of today and the next-generation.

The company is mainly aimed at providing high quality software and hardware ICT Products and Services at the most affordable cost to small, medium and large scale enterprises. We operate a private entity but we also do collaborate with a diversity of stakeholders on projects focussed on the development of ICT solutions for public and corporate entities. Airwave Technologies is also committed in undertaking computing and technological expert consultations, professional training workshops and seminars at diffrent levels of advancement. These initiatives and many others are aimed at complimenting the computing & technology industry by enhancing professional skill-sets of players, enabling adoption of ICT based solutions at all levels of enterprises and advancing proliferation of ICT products and services in rural and remote areas of Malawi and Africa at large.

32 Software Services
57 Hardware Products
84 Expert Consultations
15 Professional Training

Our Awesome Services

Software & Cloud

Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Web Apps, Website Hosting & Cloud services.

Security & Threats

Network Security, Threat Management, Data Backup & Recovery, Technical Security Audits.

Network Infrastructure

Local & Wide Area Networks, Cross Platform Integration, Server Data Migration.

Device Management

Mobile & Portable Device Management, Hardware Systems Maintanace, Support Services.

Design Works

Softeware & Website Design, Graphics Design, Game Design & Development.

Consultation and Training

Professional Training, Technology Expert Consultations, Cyber Security.

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Airwave Startup (Promo)

Mk4,999.99/month Mk3,999.99/month

Airwave Entrepreneur (Promo)

Mk19,999.99/month Mk14,999.99/month

Airwave Corporate (Promo)

Mk59,999.99/month Mk39,999.99/month

Register a new domain @Mk14,999.99 and get a one month free "Airwave Startup" hosting plan!

Graphics & Web Design Plans

Our excellent services beats our prices.

Graphic Design

The graphic is designed in multiple file formarts with very high resolution and transparent background.

Basic Website

The basic website package consist of responsive web pages, good graphics and one month of free support.

Standard Website

This is an advanced basic website with a customized relational database and one month free support service.

Website Pro 

This is an exclusive web package with a large scale relational database and five weeks of support service.

If there is a solution you would like to discuss with us but is not listed here then please let us know.

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Our ICT Technical service team will work with you from developing your idea into reality. We are able to create a periodical (annual or quarterly) support agreement to support your solution. If there is a solution you would like to discuss with us but is not listed here you can directly contact us or visit our offices.

Successful Projects

Designed and implemented with brilliance by the fine folks at Airwave Technologies.

Meet The Founder

"Identify Your problems but give your power and energy to solutions"

Chisomo Daka Managing Director

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Founder, Programmer, Network Engineer & Physicist

The incumbent Managing Director and Founder of Airwave Technologies (Malawi) is Mr. Chisomo Daka. Briefly, Chisomo is a practical computer programmer in Web, Desktop and Mobile Platforms (and he has attained advanced skills in software designing, development, testing and implementation). He is also conversant with database management systems (SQL and NoSQL), computer & radio networks, antenna designing & fabrication just to mention a few. Academically, Chisomo is a qualified Physicist and works with the Malawi University of Science & Technology (MUST).

Additionally, the young Daka is an advocate of scientific & technological innovations among the youth. He specifically advocates for innovative home-made/tailor-made technological products and services. His creative and innovative attitude is well reflected at Airwave Technologies for it is one of the core values of the company.

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